CHD Awareness Week: Current Legislation

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Two states currently have pulse oximetry laws while several other states have current or previous laws. At the federal level, pulse oximetry has been recommended for addition to the uniform newborn panel. State advocacy work is needed to make sure that every state follows that recommendation.

Mentioning these efforts when writing or speaking to lawmakers is helpful. Also consider attaching copies of the bill language from other states as examples for your legislator. Check the Critical Congenital Heart Disease Screening Map for further information about efforts in each state.

Federal Recommendation

The Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Heritable Diseases in Newborn and Children recommended in October 2010 that pulse oximetry screened for CHD be added to the uniform newborn panel.

In April 2011, Secretary Kathleen Sebelius answered that recommendation and gave the Interagency Coordinating Committee on Newborn and Child Screening 90 days to further review any evidence gaps and develop a plan for implementation.

If Secretary Sebelius recommends pulse ox for CCHD, some states will undoubtedly introduce programs without legislation, such is the case in Indiana, where pulse oximetry screening was funded and the Department of Health is developing a program.

In September, 2011, Secretary Sebelius accepted that recommendation for adoption of pulse oximetry screening to the universal newborn panel. This doesn’t mean that states must start screening, but does set up federal support.

States with Laws

Maryland - Final Bill WordingFiscal Statement

New Jersey - Law

Indiana - As part of House Act 1001, Indiana passed pulse oximetry screening.Pulse oximetry screening is now included in the Indiana code.

The original bill language.

Fiscal statements 1, 2, 3
Indiana Screening Protocols
Indiana FAQ for Professionals

States with Pilot Programs

Minnesota - A pilot program in this state has been under for the past few years, expanding pulse oximetry screening in hospitals.

States with Current Bills

Florida -introduced SB 1052 in December 2011. Track the bill here.

New Hampshire - A bill requiring pulse oximetry screening was introduced in December 2011.

Tennessee - This state introduced bills in the House and Senate.Fiscal Note

Pennsylvania - The James Matthew Mannix Bill was introduced in the State Senate in July 2011.

Missouri - Chloe’s Law was introduced in 2010 and 2011, and also 2012.

West Virginia - HB 4327 was introduced in January 2012.

States with Previous Bills

Nebraska - Bill (Introduced thanks to the advocate work of the Klein family)

Mississippi - Bill

New York - Bill

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